Accept Jesus Christ

Accept Jesus Christ

The way in to this entry is the word believe. That accentuation is in accordance with the push of Mark’s gospel, since this gospel doesn’t present Christianity as a decent story, an interesting record of occasions that occurred in the primary century.

It focuses on the way that the demise and restoration of Christ is something to be believed, and it is expected to change lives. As we follow up on our conviction, it transforms us.


Imprint needs us to comprehend what an environment of constant and obstinate unbelief won among these followers after the restoration.

They thought that it was hard to acknowledge this stunning actuality, that the one they had seen killed was presently risen and living among them once more.

The critical thing here is that Jesus anticipated that the Eleven should accept before they saw Him.

He needed and anticipated that them should accept the reports of the onlookers who had seen Him.

They were dependable people and were detailing what they had really experienced, and that ought to have been sufficient to persuade these pupils that Jesus was become alive once again.

So worried about this is the risen, living Lord, that He reprimands them for their unbelief, even as He did in the times of His substance.

He reprimands them since they wouldn’t really accept that the individuals who had seen Him.


You can see the significance He ascribes to this matter of accepting the observers. John’s gospel reveals to us that seven days after the fact Jesus appeared to them when Thomas, who had not been with them when He seemed the first run through, was available.

Jesus welcomed Thomas to look at Him, to put his hand on His side and contact the nail prints in His grasp and feet.

Meditation about Believe

Later Jesus appeared to the Eleven as they were eating; he rebuked them for their lack of faith and their stubborn refusal to believe those who had seen him after he had risen.


Mark 16:14

Thomas did as such and tumbled down at his feet, crying, My Lord and my God! (John 20:28b). Jesus said, Because you have seen me, you have accepted; favored are the individuals who have not seen but then have accepted (John 20:29).

A long time later when Peter is composing his letters to the Christians he says to them, Though you have not seen him you love him; and despite the fact that you don’t see him now, you have confidence in him and are loaded up with an indescribable and superb satisfaction (1 Peter 1:8).


One thing is obvious from this record in Mark: When we have sufficient, dependable observers who report to us what they have seen, we are required to react with conviction.

These men saw the risen Lord. They were allowed an advantage that we are not conceded; however, by and by, our confidence can settle upon a strong establishment.

Despite the fact that we have not seen Him, we accept due to the onlooker accounts here.

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