Chase of Pleasure

Chase of Pleasure

In part 2 we are acquainted with the record of what Solomon found in this inquiry.

We have an assessment of the different ways by which people have looked for through the ages to discover happiness, satisfaction, and have a great time life.

The primary way, the one that is most well known today and consistently has been, is his assessment of what logicians call gratification, the quest for joy.

We all instinctually feel that on the off chance that we can simply have a good time, we will discover bliss.

That is the thing that the Searcher inspects first to see whether it is valid.


He gives us subtleties of what he encountered.

To begin with, Solomon advises himself, Enjoy yourself, so he went in for merriment, chuckling, and delight. You can allow your brain to fill in the holes here.

Envision how the castle more likely than not shook with chuckling. Consistently they had professional comedians and extravagant dining experiences, with wine streaming like water.


Solomon gives us the aftereffect of the inquiry. Giggling, he said to himself, is silly.

I keep thinking about whether every one of us has not encountered this somewhat. Have you ever invested energy with a gathering of your companions, offering yourself to giggling, having some good times, and recounting stories? On the off chance that you ponder it, you will review that at any rate portions of the accounts depended on distortion; they didn’t have a lot of premise truly.


It is the equivalent with chuckling.

Giggling manages the peripheries of life. There is no strong substance to it.

Like the popping of thistles under the pot, so is the chuckling of dolts (Ecclesiastes 7:6). Giggling is just a popping commotion. It leaves one with a feeling of unfulfillment.

I have had such evenings and nights that were superb events.

We snickered constantly as we reiterated encounters and made quips, however no matter what, we hit the sack feeling rather unfilled.

That was Solomon’s experience. He isn’t saying that this isn’t right. He says that chuckling is vacant, it doesn’t satisfy or fulfill.


Of delight, Solomon’s remark is, What use right? What does it add to life? Nothing, is his answer.

Delight devours assets; it doesn’t develop them.


I thought in my heart, Come now, I will test you with pleasure to find out what is good. But that also proved to be meaningless.


Ecclesiastes 2:1

The vast majority of us can’t manage the cost of a night out more than a few times per year since it is so expensive.

Going out utilizations up assets that have been gained through difficult work. Delight, Solomon closes, adds nothing.


Solomon says there were some sure things. To begin with, he acquired a level of reputation.

He became incredible, outperforming all who went before him in Jerusalem. Numerous individuals imagine that acclaim will fulfill the void of the heart. Solomon discovered distinction.

I delighted in it for some time, he says. I discovered joy in the entirety of my work, yet that was all the prize I got for my work—flitting happiness.

Each time I rehashed it, I received somewhat less satisfaction in return.


My decision, Solomon says, is that it was not justified, despite any potential benefits. Like a flame, it all consumed with extreme heat, leaving me bored and satiated. Nothing could energize me after that.

He infers that it was all void, a making progress toward wind. He was worn out.

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