The Lord’s Endless Cycle

The Lord’s Endless Cycle

The Searcher’s topic is expressed in refrain 4: Humanity is transient, yet nature is perpetual.

An age comes and an age goes—mankind passes on from this life, comes into life, experience its term, and goes on—yet the earth remains for eternity.


He has three confirmations for this, the first is the hover of the sun.

The sun ascends in the east; stumbles into the sky, obviously; and sets in the west.

At that point it runs around the clouded side of the earth while we are dozing, and there it is in the east again in the first part of the day.

That cycle has been going on insofar as time has been estimated, as far back as we can peruse in mankind’s set of experiences. It is perpetual; it constantly rehashes itself.


At that point he talks about the circuit of the breezes.

This is irregular, since we have no proof that individuals in Solomon’s time saw logically the way that the breeze, the mists, and the incredible fly surges of earth go around aimlessly.

This is clear to us in our day since we can see from a satellite picture in any news broadcast the incredible circles of the breezes.

I don’t have a clue how they knew this in those days.

Yet, Solomon knew it, however the logical universe of that day didn’t appear to get it.


His third confirmation is the circuit of the evaporative cycle.

Where does all the water that interminably exits the sky come from? The appropriate response, obviously, is that it comes from the sea.

An undetectable evaporative interaction is grinding away by which the water that runs into the ocean never raises the level of the ocean on the grounds that there is an imperceptible raising of that water back very high.

These mists at that point move east by the circuit of the breezes and drop their dampness once more, and this goes on until the end of time.


The essayist is recommending that there is an off-base thing in this. It is in reverse, by one way or another.

People should be perpetual, and nature should be transient.

There is something inside us all that says this.

We feel abused that we take in all these incredible exercises from life, yet similarly as we have figured out how to deal with life it is finished, and the cutting edge needs to begin without any preparation once more.


The Scripture affirms that something isn’t right.

The Bible reveals to us that individuals were made to be the crown of creation.

They are the ones who are in domain over all things. Individuals should last interminably and nature should be changing, yet it is the opposite way around.

People feel the dissent of this in their soul. Something isn’t right that the entirety of this is abruptly detracted from us, while the negligible pattern of nature continues forever perpetually.

Truly, the human soul feels that emphatically. That relevant inquiry will be created in the subject of this book.

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