The Restless Life of Believers

The Restless Life of Believers

Solomon’s proposition here is, All things are fretful. He has seen that there is a characteristic eagerness in all things.

Truth be told, it is inescapable to the point that nobody can depict all the eagerness of life.


He has two verifications for this. To start with, human craving is rarely fulfilled: The eye never has enough of seeing.

At the point when my significant other’s mom was 95 years of age, she was only a shell of an individual, however her psyche was still sharp and clear.

One day she was in our home, and someone referenced a distant spot.

Quickly she said, Oh, I wish I could see that. In spite of her years, the eye was not worn out on seeing; it yearned at this point to see different spots, different domains, and different traditions.

The eye is rarely fulfilled.


Nor is the ear ever happy with hearing. We are consistently aware of some groundbreaking thought or something new that has occurred.

That is the reason news programs are consistently mainstream. TV, radio, and papers all oblige the ear’s craving to hear something.

Some succulent tattle about a Hollywood star will sell a great many magazines and papers.

Some better approach for making a benefit consistently makes its allure.

The Searcher’s contention is that the ear never tires since human longing is rarely fulfilled; it is an outcome of the eagerness that is incorporated into life.


Yet, second, he says, despite the fact that we long to see or hear something new, the same old thing actually truly appears.

Life is a repeat of what has occurred previously; it is the old played again and again.

This also is an aftereffect of the fretfulness that is incorporated into life. In spite of the fact that something looks new to us, really, There is just the same old thing.


So the inquiry is raised, Is this all life is about? Is it just a vacant quest for that which won’t ever fulfill? Can no advancement be made whereby something can be discovered that will ceaselessly meet the craving of the human heart, to give a ceaseless feeling of enjoyment, fulfillment, and delight? That is the inquiry.

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