Watch And Pray

Watch And Pray

The foe has little battle with Peter. It isn’t even important to take steps to toss him to the lions or consume him at the stake.

His purpose falls by the straightforward catalyst of making him too languid to even consider supplicating.

That is all; and that enormous assurance of will, that firm determination, breaks down, and Peter is as feeble as clay when the second comes.

He is powerless on the grounds that he does not have the fortifying of supplication.

The demon just needed to make him lethargic, there’s nothing more to it. I’m certain this was an evil assault.

The sword Jehovah was employing, which hurt and bothered the Son of God, was currently influencing the devotees, and Satan was permitted to show up as a secretive sandman, dropping rest at them. So they nodded off as opposed to supplicating.

Then he returned to his disciples and found them sleeping. Simon, he said to Peter, are you asleep? Could you not keep watch for one hour? Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation. The spirit is willing, but the body is weak.


Mark 14:37-38


Jesus breaks down the circumstance. He comes and discovers them, and there is right around a hint of humor here.

After He awakens them, He says to these pupils, Peter, would you be able to watch 60 minutes? Couldn’t your purpose and furious assurance keep going in any event that long?

At that point He reveals to us why Peter couldn’t do it.

The soul is willing, Peter. I know your heart. I realize you love me.

Your soul is completely willing. In any case, Peter, you depended upon your tissue. The substance is frail.


We have all felt this, have we not? We have been approached to accomplish something, and we say, The soul is willing, yet the substance is prepared for the end of the week.

The tissue is powerless. Jesus says that is the idea of the substance.

That human feeling of autonomy, the certainty we have in ourselves, is consistently feeble in the hour of testing.

It can’t stand the test. This is the investigation Jesus gives of Peter’s concern. The key is supplication.

In the event that Peter, feeling sluggish and powerless, had followed Jesus’ model and given occasion to feel qualms about himself the Father and disclosed to Him the issue, the dad would have helped him through, and he would not have denied his Lord.


It is our shortcoming that is our security, not our solidarity.

That is the reason I am not awfully dazzled when youngsters disclose to me the amount they will accomplish for God and how certain they are that they can bring it through.

I have learned, out of miserable involvement with my own life just as by the declaration of Scripture, that in the hour of testing, this fearlessness will all wash away.

Yet, I believe in the man or lady who says, I’m terrified.

I don’t figure I can do this, yet I will attempt since God advises me to. I’m looking to Him to fortify me.

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